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What does joining Music Solid mean? 


Music Solid artist collective is YOUR collective!


Music Solid carries no hierarchy, owner or boss. YOU are the BOSS, WE are the BOSSES.

Once joined, you are part of a community of artists whose sole purpose is to promote not only themselves but other artists too. 


Music Solid is YOUR music promotion platform 


Music Solid provides a platform for artists to play and promote themselves. 

But this also means a willingness to support other members too. Like, Share, Mention, Watch and above all Attend their performances when possible!


Music Solid brings artists TOGETHER


Music Solid stands for solidarity, meaning we work together in a community of comradery and support. 


Whether it be looking for gigs or support acts, help finding music video makers and graphic designers or simply wanting online support in getting your music out there!


Joining the community means you believe:


No one can achieve anything in isolation. We are all helped by others and working together and moving forward together, the sum becomes a multiplication 


  • Mondragon cooperative


We take no right to your music


We are a collective, so we require one thing: Your COLLECTIVE responsibility to support one another 


Emphasis on original music but not mandatory 


We are also genre fluid


We accept religious and political themed art


We do not accept extremist or hate inciting material nor do we promote one religion above another. Music Solid is a about solidarity not separation!


We have a zero-tolerance policy on exploitation of our community and its members


Sharing is caring


We encourage everyone to share music solid videos across platforms however we believe Music Solid FULL releases should not be posted directly elsewhere. Why? We represent and promote artists globally…… direct posting detracts traffic and hence exposure to ALL the artists we represent. By promoting Music Solid, you promote everybody……let’s keep it that way!


Spread the love and be positive! 


We do not accept any negative comments on an artist’s work


EVOLVING together


ALL members have a say on how we work. We are constantly striving to make the community a safe, encouraging and beneficial platform for everyone involved. Suggestions and ideas on how we can improve our community are welcome…… ALWAYS!


Our Aspiration


In the short term, when restrictions ease post Covid-19, it is our aim to create monthly shows beginning in Manchester in the UK whereby all artists playing will receive the profits gained. All artists in the collective would be encouraged to attend all shows no matter if not performing to ensure all artists gain the same level of support.



In the long-term, our goal is to create a global network of artists who can be depended upon to support each other in the real world. This would mean a collective member in a foreign city for example could instantly have an anchor in that city’s music scene with the help of another member resident there…… Or at least grab a friendly beer together!

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